PiWall. A UDP multicast solution for creating a large array of monitors to show a video source. The solution consists of an array of monitors, each connected to a Raspberry Pi. A ‘master’ device (doesn’t have to be a Raspberry Pi) streams content out which the slave units process and use to […]

Creating a 2×2 PiWall Video Wall Display with Raspberry Pis

UPDATE: Don’t want to pay for Air Video? Get the free equivalent Air Playit There are a couple of ways to watch video on your iDevice – iTunes or the YouTube app. I have a 16Gb iPad, which limits the amount of video I can store, so I like to […]

Streaming video to your iDevice – Air Video and StreamToMe

There’s many paid for software solutions for copying DVDs, but here I’m only looking at the free options. In this article I’ll be comparing and Handbrake and VirtualDUB (links for both of these are in the post). If you’re here to see what software I think is best, the answer […]

Making a backup (ripping) your DVDs for free with Handbrake ...

PAL video vs SLR stop motion HD video comparison from Chris Pomfret on Vimeo. This video contains a comparison of the video taken by my standard definition (PAL), JVC Everio camcorder against a burst of images captured by my Canon EOS 400D SLR camera. The EOS 400D isn’t capable of […]

PAL video vs SLR stop motion HD video comparison