A much sorter post today, this is just a couple of links you may find useful. I’ve been at university the past 11 or so weeks, during my time there, Microsoft rolled out the update for Windows Live Essentials from 2009 to 2011. I personally have no issue with the […]

Don’t like Windows Live Essentials 2011? Go back to WLE ...

This is pretty much only a test post as I’ve just installed and started using Windows Live Writer – To write my posts for this website. Windows Live Writer is a free software download that allows you to post content to variety of blogging platforms. I use WordPress for my […]

Using Windows Live Writer

This post is a mini-review of the new online documents service ‘Docs’, no not Google Docs. My invitation email for came through yesterday and I only applied for the beta last week! Everyone can visit the site and sign in with your Facebook username. The service that’s being created […] mini-review and why aren’t mesh, myPhone and SkyDrive integrated?