Since purchasing my new 2Tb Samsung HardDrive from HERE , I’ve got myself thinking about backups (I backed up anyway but with more storage space there’s more to think about). I’ve always liked the idea of local storage on hard drives. You know where the data is, how you can […]

Hard drives Vs. Online backup

Download the version I used HERE or visit the Areca project HOMEPAGE. Areca is a free, open-source backup program. Backing up isn’t the most interesting or fun things to do – It’s the sort of thing you’ll wish you’d bothered to do once you loose an important file. When thinking […]

Areca Backup

In a previous post HERE, I wrote about how 3D video actually works at a technical level. Or at least somewhat technical. Today, I’m writing about how  you can actually experience 3D video on the computer you’re reading this on right now! This method will only work with the red/cyan […]

Watching 3D video on ANY PC – On YOUR PC

A slightly odd article here, not much structure and these will probably only be useful to you if you’ve already come a cross a situation in which each might be useful. 5 – AMCap – http://goo.gl/njG5 – Firstly, this is AMCap (though the title bar on the application appears to […]

Top 5 random useful utilities

A much sorter post today, this is just a couple of links you may find useful. I’ve been at university the past 11 or so weeks, during my time there, Microsoft rolled out the update for Windows Live Essentials from 2009 to 2011. I personally have no issue with the […]

Don’t like Windows Live Essentials 2011? Go back to WLE ...

There’s many paid for software solutions for copying DVDs, but here I’m only looking at the free options. In this article I’ll be comparing and Handbrake and VirtualDUB (links for both of these are in the post). If you’re here to see what software I think is best, the answer […]

Making a backup (ripping) your DVDs for free with Handbrake ...

We’re now getting quite close to finishing the vivarium, as well we should as my leaving day of Saturday 6:00AM is fast approaching. (UPDATE: I’m now of course at Lancaster and vivarium was completed in time!) The picture below shows the mess we cause in the garage each time we’re […]

The making of a Gecko Vivarium – Day 3

This is pretty much only a test post as I’ve just installed and started using Windows Live Writer – To write my posts for this website. Windows Live Writer is a free software download that allows you to post content to variety of blogging platforms. I use WordPress for my […]

Using Windows Live Writer

Now it’s mid-week, my girlfriend and I have only a few hours a day to work on the gecko vivarium project. What you see below is the polystyrene surface the gecko will be living in (this will be placed inside the wooden cabinet). It has now been covered in watered-down […]

The making of a Gecko Vivarium – Day 2