The laptop I use day to day is a Lenovo x121e. It’s a nice comprimise between a netbook-like form factor but laptop grade power. It has  the same size and resolution screen as a MacBook air so I usually use it coupled with my 22″ external monitor. As good as […]

Lenovo x121e Overheating

This is a guide to help you set up and start using Open Computer Vision (OpenCV). I’m making this guide as I ran into a lot of problems while trying to install it for use in my dissertation. First I’ll outline the environment I’m installing it in as there are […]

Installing OpenCV 2.4.0 on Windows 7 64bit using Visual Studio ...

I’ve always been interested in medthods of playing my video library on my iOS devides – It’s especially useful because I have a TV-Out cable that I use to effectively watch videos from my computer on my TV. Previously I have compared ‘Air Video’ and ‘Stream to me’, finding Air […]

Air Playit – The free Air Video

UPDATE: Don’t want to pay for Air Video? Get the free equivalent Air Playit There are a couple of ways to watch video on your iDevice – iTunes or the YouTube app. I have a 16Gb iPad, which limits the amount of video I can store, so I like to […]

Streaming video to your iDevice – Air Video and StreamToMe

It works! What you see here is a Samsung NC10 netbook computer running as a media server. I’ve found that despite only having a 1.6Ghz Atom and 1Gb RAM it’s still quite snappy and works perfectly well connected to our home LAN. Previously I’ve used a full size computer as […]

A successful netbook server – Samsung NC10

 SMSExport is a free, easy to use utility to save text messages (SMS) from your phone to a document. The software is simple to download and use while still supporting a few export methods. Within the application you’re able to save all your text messages either as Text files, CSV […]

SMSExport – Save text messages from your WM SP or ...

At our house we have quite an old TV, it’s CRT and only has scart and composite input sockets. This makes it quite hard to actually view digital media on this main screen in our lounge – And sometimes it’s a lot nicer to watch something on a proper TV […]

Media streaming to your TV

I was looking through my cupboards again this evening and I came across a disk for my Psion 5 organiser. I’d been looking for it and previously searched for the manuals online but couldn’t find so I’ve created an image of the disk. I’ve uploaded it so others who may […]

Do you own a Psion 5 and want PsiWin software?