EYA – Easy YTS Adder

EYA - Easy YTS A

Easy YTS Adder allows you to add YTS torrents to transmission, based on Movies not found in your Plex Library. Check out the project on github to download or the plextv forums to discuss. Created by Krazerxz and JamieBriers.


EYA is a php based web interface which pulls the latest releases from the YTS APIs, cross references them with films you have in your Plex Library (so that you don’t re-download them), and allows a one click interface to add the files to Transmission and displays the current download status. Following the download, a simple Filebot script is run, which processes the downloaded media and organises nicely for Plex to pick up.

EYA is currently tested on MacOSX 10.9.2 and Linux Server 12.04 although older versions should work.

We are currently working on getting uTorrent to work with the system and hopefully with the end goal of supporting Windows.

Find the latest release on GitHub.



  • Mac OSX or Linux
  • Plex Media Server
  • PHP and MySQL
  • Transmission BitTorrent Client
  • Filebot (optional, but recommended)