I had some issues recently when moving a Magento based e-commerce website from one server to another so thought I’d present the best guide I could, taking advice from a variety of different sources that I used. This will preserve your theme and any plug-ins you added. It goes without […]

Moving a Magento shop from one server to another

The default install of Magento only includes one language. This post describes how to install an additional language pack to localise the store in another language. This post assumes you have basic knowledge of Magento and that you have one website and store and that you are installing the language […]

Additional Language Store in Magento

This is a guide to make changes to the HP ProLiant N54l Microserver BIOS to enable Hot-Swapping of drives and enable the motherboard (5th) SATA port to run at full speed. Before following this guide, you’ll need modified BIOS on your N54l, to carry this out see THIS post. [wp_ad_camp_2] […]

Allow Hot-Swap SATA and 5th SATA port full speed on ...

This article describes how to perform a BIOS modification on the HP n54l microserver. Firstly, I’ll list the two reasons why I wanted this modification, then I’ll list the steps required to carry it out. The n54l has 4 ‘Non-Hotswap’ bays. These are only non-hotswap in bios, with a modification […]

HP ProLiant n54l BIOS modification guide – Allow Hot-Plug SATA ...

This is a Sharp ZQ-770 pocket organiser, or if you’re in the US I think they were marketed as the Sharp ‘Wizard OZ series’. I have no idea how many people will actually be familiar with this device. But I owned one of these for many years and thought it was […]

Sharp Wizard Software

I recently bought a ‘Samba’ SIM card for £1. Samba is mobile internet provider that gives you free internet access in exchange for watching adverts online It arrived today and I wanted to test it out, I knew my laptop had a SIM card slot but only now did I […]

SIM Card Slot on Lenovo X121e