How to connect to a JOOAN 703KRA-T HD Outdoor Security Surveillance camera

I recently purchased a JOOAN 703KRA-T HD Outdoor camera. Whilst the hardware is fantastic, it took me a while to connect to the camera due to it having undocumented network configuration.

The hardware in this camera is excellent. The image quality is good, even at night. The software and manual let it down. You only really want to get this camera if you want it for it’s RTSP stream and then use the feed in another application. Do not bother with the CMS software, it is terrible. Since getting the camera to work I have been using it as a monitor in ZoneMinder which has been working flawlessly to date.

Assuming you can’t find the camera on your router’s list of connected devices / from the IP in the manual, you’ll have to work out what the cameras IP is. I did this as follows:

  1. Installed Wireshark on my computer.
  2. Disconnected computer from internet router and connected it to a separate hub, with nothing else connected.
  3. Connected the camera to the hub with camera powered off.
  4. Started Wireshark on computer to listen for packets, ignoring those where the source is my computer.
  5. Plug in camera and watch Wireshark.

When the camera boots up it broadcasts its static IP. Using that, you can connect to the camera directly and change this to something more friendly.

For reference, these were the settings on my camera:

  • IP:
  • net mask:
  • default_gateway:
  • rtsp stream: rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip_address>:554/stream1

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