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The default install of Magento only includes one language. This post describes how to install an additional language pack to localise the store in another language. This post assumes you have basic knowledge of Magento and that you have one website and store and that you are installing the language pack for an additional store view.

For this example. I have one website, one store and both English and Chinese stores. There are two stages, firstly we will set up Magento with two store views and set one of them to use the Chinese locale. The second stage is to install the Chinese language pack as language packs aren’t included in the standard Magento install. Start by logging into the Magento administration interface.

      1. Under ‘System>Manage Stores’ Click ‘Create Store View’.
      2. Fill text boxes appropriately. Example is shown above.
      3. Navigate to ‘System>Configuration’.
      4. In the top left, change the ‘Current Configuration scope to the store view you just created. Example is shown below.After this collection, goto ‘General>General’ from the left sidebar.
      5. Expand the ‘Locale Options’ and uncheck the ‘Use Website’ box.
      6. Select the desired locale from the drop down list e.g. China.
      7. Click ‘Save Config’ from the top right.

With Magento configured, the language pack can now be downloaded and installed.

      1. Select the language pack you wish to download. A list of all translation packs and their completeness can be found at
      2. Click the ‘package’ download link.
      3. A .zip file will download. For this example, I am creating a Chinese store, so the translation pack is called ‘’. Upload this to your web host. e.g. via FTP.
      4. Extract it in your Magento directory.

Language pack should now be installed!

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One thought on “Additional Language Store in Magento

  • Antonio

    Hi,I have a questions about this theme, my site have the next cfotiguranion:1 data base1 with 3 translations es, en, pt2 territorial domais, and domain.ptI use to my translations the next store view codes ue_es, ue_en, ue_pt.But i think this isnb4t a good idea and and the right code should be es-ES, en-EN, pt-PT for my territorial domains i use this codes, and is your opinion? and what is the best way to position in search engine?Thanks!!