HP ProLiant N54l Power Consumption 1

There is a lot of discussion about the new N54l micro server at the moment, but little information on how much power it consumes under normal use. The power supply included with the server is 150W. But under normal usage, even with all drives fitted, it’s not going to draw anything near that.

When this reading was taken, the server was idleing. The server is fitted with 5 5400RPM SATA hard drives and draws between 45 and 50Watts. Accounting about 5W per drive, the server itself would probably idle at about 25W, power consumption increasing with every drive added.

I commonly use this server to convert and stream video to my iPad. It can handle streaming 1080p MKV files easily. Because the processor is low power (maximum 25W), even running under full load, it still won’t draw much. When copying a batch of files from an external drive to the internal drives and transcoding a video to my iPad. The energy usage cycled, peaking at 70w as chunks of video were transcoded.

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