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This is a guide to make changes to the HP ProLiant N54l Microserver BIOS to enable Hot-Swapping of drives and enable the motherboard (5th) SATA port to run at full speed. Before following this guide, you’ll need modified BIOS on your N54l, to carry this out see THIS post. Assuming […]

Allow Hot-Swap SATA and 5th SATA port full speed on ...

This article describes how to perform a BIOS modification on the HP n54l microserver. Firstly, I’ll list the two reasons why I wanted this modification, then I’ll list the steps required to carry it out. The n54l has 4 ‘Non-Hotswap’ bays. These are only non-hotswap in bios, with a modification […]

HP ProLiant n54l BIOS modification guide – Allow Hot-Plug SATA ...