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This is a Sharp ZQ-770 pocket organiser, or if you’re in the US I think they were marketed as the Sharp ‘Wizard OZ series’. I have no idea how many people will actually be familiar with this device. But I owned one of these for many years and thought it was great. It was around before Tablets, iPhones or even touchscreen PDAs. For £70 (at least that’s what I paid) you could get a mini computer that ran off 2AA batteries.

Sadly I’ve not really heard much about these since. I briefly owned a Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 but didn’t keep that for nearly as long. The point of this article is for anyone who does have one still. A great feature of the organiser was that it could run ‘.wzd’ applications downloaded from a computer. Some 10 years ago there was a website, that had a plethora of such software but it’s since shut down. All files I downloaded, I kept, so thought I’d put up a directory of all the applications I downloaded from the site in case it’s of use to anyone. I have no idea what any of the applications do any more and I no longer own my device so can’t find out. Enjoy the Nostalgia.

Sharp ZQ/OZ Software .wzd files (.zip file) – Link

Additional files:

downloader.exe – Downloader Software. Application to send files to your Wizard.
dct.exe – Data creation tool.
SDK0903.exe – Software Develelopment Kit. Create BASIC applications for the Wizard.

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18 thoughts on “Sharp Wizard Software

  • Van der Jonckheyd Erik

    I own a Sharp ZQ-700M and running it on Windows 7 with organizer link 4 version 1.0 (original CD).
    Now I try to find version 2.0 because of the possibility to synchronise with Outlook. I looked on the internet: without result…..
    I’m belgian but I live in Czech Republic.
    Hope you can give me a hint.

  • Hans-Göran Puke

    Hi guys!
    I am building a “virtual museum” for PDAs/organizers like these. Would you happen to have one and want to donate it to me or sell it cheaply? My site is still in its infancy but I have already about 50 PDAs and am always on the outlook for more interesting models.

    Hans-Göran Puke, Sweden

    • Chris Pomfret Post author

      Sorry, I’ve since sold mine on. But I’d be interested to see how the site is coming along, do you have a link?

  • John

    I have owned a Sharp Wizard OZ 770 for about 25 years and it is still wonderful as an organiser. Unfortunately, lines began to appear on the screen about 10 years ago which is very irritating because they tend to block the full view of the contents. Three years ago I found someone in the USA who guaranteed to supply and fit a new screen. So, off it went to the US and it was returned within one month without the lines. Whether it actually had a new screen fitted I am uncertain but at least there were no lines. After about 14 months the lines began to reappear and although I can work with it, they are beginning to multiply and I am back to square one. When purchased in Bogota, Colombia it cost me approx £20 sterling which equated to roughly $40 at the time. I really do not want to lose this beautiful little machine and cannot afford these days to but a new one. So, has anyone got any suggestions please?

  • Los

    Hi John,
    I was wondering if you still had the information about the person in the USA who repaired the screen of your Sharp 770.
    Thank you


  • Michael kirk-smith


    I have had a zq-770 for many years as well. I think it’s a great machine – I can understand why journalists value them (Andrew Gilligan used one in the Dr Kelly case). I have smartphone/tablet/PC/notebook, etc., but there are good reasons why I still use the zq770:

    1. Ordinary rechargeable AAs last for months – no messing around every day or so recharging.
    2. Touchtypeable keyboard and using the MemoEdit 1.88 word processor.
    3. Boots up/ready to use immediately.
    4. Very reliable – I’ve never lost text/notes (I use it as a diary as well as for general notes, contacts, expenses, etc.)
    5. Robust – I drove my car over it and it still works.
    6. It’s uncomplicated and unsophisticated – I’m happy with flat ascii files and using WizTools and MEloader to backup and move them onto my PC.

    I understand Sharp stopped producing them because of quality control problems with the screen – not because they didn’t sell. I remember reading a website years ago on how to fix the screen lines problem. I think they can be fixed by opening it up and pressing in the ribbon cable to the screen. I think that’s what the guy in Canada does.

  • Peter M. Lamont

    I downloaded all of these. I am in the process of writing a book/manual detailing the internals of the OZ/QZ 700 series of Sharp organizers. As it turns out, there is a plain text header in each .wzd file which allowed authors to place even an entire manual into the header. Often though, they would leave the name of the author, a disclaimer that if their amateur code destroyed your ‘puter, it’s not their fault, and a brief description of the software.
    I tried opening up these programs of yours in notepad, and they do indeed have defunct web pages, old extinct email addresses, and descriptions of the programs.

    Ultimately, I would like to create a new site for the Wizard 700 series and host the games/native utils for download, as well as all the win16/32 applications which were created to communicate and do various and sundry custom file formats (like greater than 2K files for a start). So if you are missing some software, sit tight. Very likely I will find it. Ironically, the things I am finding the most difficult to get are the SHARP official releases. Why do they need a password for their day timer software for instance?! Imagine Nvidia requiring a password to install a driver, and you had to sit on the phone with a robot for 2 hours to get it installed. Loony. Of course, if I call, I will get robots who have no clue what I am talking about. I will simply have to hack it. Then host the hacked version.

    Then I would like to publish for download/and in print this internals manual, which will be a complete guide to creating software on the wizard with BASIC examples, assembler examples and C examples. A description of the libraries available for C, the various C tool kits for the device, and the details of file structure, memory map, I/O vectors, functions of the ports, details on how to use the various ports for music, serial transfer, etc.. How the file system works, what files actually look like on the low level, and so on. In short, a nearly complete internals of the operating system and hardware. I have already completed a ton of this work btw! I have around 80 pages done…all delicious goodies every single 700 user would give up body parts for!

    I am also working on a “tried and true” screen fix method hopefully that people can do with household tools. If not, I’ll definitely do on on the method with proper tools.

    In the interim…your bag of programs here seems to be the largest single dump of proggies for this system on the web! I am finding very isolated bits and pieces little by little though, So thanks for posting this, and keep it up! Thank you so much! PS VERY COOL LIBRARIES you got there with the 3D. From what I have read, this is actually a lightning fast trig library for 3d programming on the wizard. Can’t wait! It’s only a matter of time now before we are playing wolf 3d on the wizard…heh.

    • Michael Kirk-Smith

      Hi, Do you have a wzd file for a spreadsheet for the OZ770? I used to have one but I’ve lost it. mkirksmith at



    • Allan Portlock

      Let us know when you publish the book/website I would be interested in any extra information on this unit, thanks.

  • Richard Fuller

    Do I have an hope of finding out the password as although I am convinced I had it recorded on another device and remembered it it is being ignored. Do I have any hope of regaining the information or should I just see if my appeals might work out eventually although I think not.

  • Eric H

    Hi Chris, I’m trying to get access to the link to the Sharp ZQ/OZ Software .wzd files (.zip file). The link seems to be broken as a PHP version error pops up. If possible, could you please send the files to my e-mail (or fix the link, whatever works)?
    Thank you!

    *got some old wzc and wzw files i’d like to convert to CSV so I can then upload to Outlook.