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Last week my HTC Mozart decided that when making a call, it would turn off the screen. Not just when you put it against your ear like it should, but immediately and irreversible after hitting call. This meant that any automated phone services, ‘Press 1 to do this’, were unusable and hanging up consisted of removing the battery. Luckily, it was still in warranty so I thought I’d send it off to o2 to get it fixed.

I was told that when the phone was returned to me it would be factory reset, understandable, so I took the phone home again so I could back it up. Only, you can’t. There is no feature in Windows Phone 7 to backup your phone. Yes, videos, photos and music are synced via Zune. Contacts are stored in the cloud using a Windows Live ID. But there is no way to do a complete backup of a phone and then restore it to a new one so that when I get my new phone I can just plug it in and it will be like my own phone. I’ll have to add all my apps, change settings and add accounts manually.


There is software available that can do a complete backup and restore of a Windows phone, WP7 Easy Backup Tool, but this is unofficial and still in BETA. Also, I’m not sure but I have the feeling it’s intended to backup and restore to the same phone, not a physically different handset – Even if it’s the same model.

So, it looks like I’ll be setting up from scratch when the replacement arrives.

Lastly, a note on the process at o2. I’ve had my phone on contract for over a year, I didn’t sign up for any extended warranty so I wasn’t sure if the phone would even be covered. Luckily it was. I was also provided with a free courtesy phone for the 11 days the phone would be in for repair. But I did have to pay £25 as a deposit on the phone.


I get the concept of deposits, I understand that and know I’ll get my money back. But why is it even necessary? As it was enforced in store, I will not be allowed to collect my repaired phone unless I return the courtesy phone as I am contractually obliged by way of signing an 18″ long receipt. The £100+ smartphone they currently have custody over is already a big enough motivator to return the fabulous Samsung ‘Zinnia’ than the extra £25 could ever be.

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One thought on “Backing up an HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone

  • Lindsay

    December 2013, and the problem of spontaneous shutdown of Windows phones, which has been around for over three years is still not fixed. Where are you Microsoft???
    I had believed that it was an HTC problem, but find issues on internet forums with virtually all manufacturers of Windows phones. No wonder Apple and Galaxy dominate the smart phone market