SMSExport – Save text messages from your WM SP or PPC

 SMSExport is a free, easy to use utility to save text messages (SMS) from your phone to a document. The software is simple to download and use while still supporting a few export methods. Within the application you’re able to save all your text messages either as Text files, CSV or Tab Separated files.

This, unfortunately will only be useful for the increasingly small proportion of you who still own a Windows Mobile phone – Mainly as not many people use Windows Phones, but also because this software only runs on Microsofts old smartphone offering. This will not work with the latest incarnation, Windows Phone 7.

The main reason I bring up this software – Apart from it being genuinely useful and completely free is that upon first seeing the website I nearly cast it off as just malware. I don’t know what It is but there’s something about the website that makes it just look like a front that offers no software at all. But I was wrong and the software up for download is rather good!

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