Media streaming to your TV

At our house we have quite an old TV, it’s CRT and only has scart and composite input sockets. This makes it quite hard to actually view digital media on this main screen in our lounge – And sometimes it’s a lot nicer to watch something on a proper TV than alone on your laptop.

We have a Wii and an XBox 360. I’m not talking about viewing content from a memory card, from YouTube, Sky, Netflix or iPlayer (though it is good those are accessible) – I’m talking about videos, photos and music you might have scattered around computers in your house, this post is about the best way to access them

Ideally the software should be able to stream media to more than one client so the content can be viewed on an xbox, Wii or iOS device (or anything else for that matter) all with one piece of software. Finally the software should be free or at least provide a practical trial that won’t expire.

The software that I found was: TVersity (Already reviewed here), Wiicr for the Wii and I actually struggled to find any software devoted to streaming to the XBox.  There was some software called Connect360 but that only ran on a Mac. There was also some software that could stream specifically from iTunes, but again, I’d much prefer a more general solution. If you’re on Windows and use Media Player, you can use media Sharing and allow your Xbox to access your media library.

I said that the software should be free – TVersity has two versions, there is a free version. The difference between the two is that the pro version will stream from online sources as well as your own local media libriary (that’s places like youtube). The other difference is that the free version won’t stream video to iOS devices. At the time of writing, TVersity Pro costs $39.99.

From looking at Wiicr, I realised it doesn’t really stream your existing media libriary. It will allow you to convert existing video you put into the applications directory. Despite looking specifically for more software, I’ve been unable to find anything better than TVersity, which I’ve already looked at and used before. It’s definitely the best solution.

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