Areca Backup

Download the version I used HERE or visit the Areca project HOMEPAGE. Areca is a free, open-source backup program. Backing up isn’t the most interesting or fun things to do – It’s the sort of thing you’ll wish you’d bothered to do once you loose an important file.

When thinking about backing up your computer, there’s a lot to think about. The files you want to back up, type of back up, frequency, storage location and so on. Once you have the solution set up, it should be easy. All I have to do to run my backup is make sure my external hard drive is plugged in and click the auto-created script on my desktop.

The interface is surprisingly easy to use despite the number of options that can be configured. When you start the program you can see a list of the backups you’ve already configured – You can edit these, run them or restore files from them. To create a new backup you just click a button, a new menu appears and you work through all the tabs setting all your options.

At a very basic level all you need to configure is the Backup name, location to back up to and files to back up. But you can also specify a lot more – Type of backup, type of storage method, compression, encryption and more.

That’s Areca, it’s free, easy to use and I can’t believe I hadn’t been using it before!

Well that’s it for Areca but I just feel like saying something about attitudes to backup. It’s when I hear about people who say they’ve lost all their photos, music and work that it makes you realise how much people rely on their computers. How long do they think computers last and how do they think they stop working? In reality, it’s only the hard drive failing that means your data is lost – Otherwise you can take it out, buy the appropriate adapter and connect the drive to another computer via USB. But this may be too technical for some. Of course a lot of the time computers are bought as upgrades and the data has been transferred as opposed to the old machine dying.

I suppose it’s ok if you realise your mistake and then resolve to backup regularly in the future, It’s people who buy a new laptop/computer and then don’t backup because ‘It’s new isn’t it? why do I need to backup’ that I won’t have any pity for when it happens again.

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