The making of a Gecko Vivarium – Day 3

We’re now getting quite close to finishing the vivarium, as well we should as my leaving day of Saturday 6:00AM is fast approaching. (UPDATE: I’m now of course at Lancaster and vivarium was completed in time!)

The picture below shows the mess we cause in the garage each time we’re in there for a few hours – I tidy it up afterwards, honest!

Below are another assortment of images of the vivarium. The background has now had moss attached to it and the whole thing has been varnished to make it gecko-safe.

Today, here’s what we did. We mounted a lock on the door and so now the whole cabinet is lockable. I also resoldered part of the wiring to the switch and that solved a problem whereby the fans turned on and off. A new light bulb has been put in place, this is a clear – Lower wattage bulb, than the first one. However we painted it red ourselves.

One of the last things we did was cover the fan vents with netting, so that when they were off the gecko wouldn’t be able to escape – And when they were on there’s be no minced gecko!


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