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This is pretty much only a test post as I’ve just installed and started using Windows Live Writer – To write my posts for this website. Windows Live Writer is a free software download that allows you to post content to variety of blogging platforms. I use WordPress for my blog, but Live Writer can also post to Blogger, LiveJournal and Windows Live Spaces (there is more).

Although WordPress does have a web interface that can be used for writing posts, I’ve always preferred to write my posts in Microsoft Word and then copy them over. This is great as it allows me to use the software I want, but I won’t be able to do any designing this way. That is to say, formatting won’t be carried across and pictures won’t stay where I put them. This means that most of my posts are very often just plain text. But then again, I never write very long articles that would require better formatting and writing etiquette.

This post is actually the second I’ve written in Live Writer, the first being The making of a Gecko Vivarium – Day 2, but that didn’t use any of the features in Live Writer that couldn’t be done within the WordPress web interface.

As you can see in the picture above, you can insert a wide variety of items, maps tables, links, pictures and albums from sky drive (below). Overall, I’m enjoying writing more while using Live Writer. Maybe some people aren’t as picky as me but when I write, I need the interface I use to look attractive, well laid out and neat. For example, I find it hard to write in open office. Even though the software is very useful and functional, it’s no where near aesthetically pleasing as Office so I just find it hard to use.

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