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I was wondering about what games I could play on my dell laptop. There’s many posts on the internet about what can run on a low powered machine (I wrote one) but for there to be an article about what runs on a specific laptop, someone has to write it, so here’s my input, here’s what I can run on my Dell D420 (first the specifications as some models differ):

1.2Ghz Dual Core CPU
60Gb 4200RPM HDD (slow)
Mobile Intel 945GM Express
1.5Gb Ram

Running Windows 7.

I mostly play games on my Xbox 360 and iPhone… as they are best for gaming. However I have enjoyed quite a few games on my laptop. There’s a couple of issues when deciding what games will run on your laptop. Many games from about 5 years ago require something called T&L (texture and lighting/transform and lighting) but this is something the 945Gm graphics chip doesn’t support. Unfortunately, games that require thisare fully and forever UNPLAYABLE. The Sims 3, is a game I also run on my laptop, that’s a lot newer and this runs because there is no technical reason as to why it can’t… but it was not designed for such a slow machine, and so it runs very slowly. This type of game I will call PLAYABLE. Then there’s the final category of games, ones that RUN WELL and these have no problems running on the D420 with high FPS and don’t have to be on minimum graphics settings.

Run Well:


Civilization games until IV

Where’s Waldo (Wally – But the game’s American)

Empire Earth I & II

RollerCoaster Tycoon

Theme Hospital

Worms World Party – yes but intermittent graphics issue

Populous – The Beginning

Sim City 2000

Evil Genius

James Bond Nightfire


World of Goo


Crayon Physics

Need For speeedd games – Just go through the series each later one will play worse than the last

Half life 2

Lemonaide Tycoon 2

Mech Warrior and MechCommander

Plants Vs zombies + all games rated for netbooks

Elder Scrolls III – Morrowing

Sims I & II


Sims III


Colin McRae Rally 4 just playable

TripleAsim city 4

black and white

the settlers

swat 4

Lord of the rings return of the king (with patch HERE)

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