Use your external Lacie hard drive as a SATA to USB converter

After may external Lacie hard drive broke a couple of weeks ago I thought that I was going to throw it out. Mainly because it really wouldn’t work and I couldn’t see why anyone would want to buy it. But then I thought, why don’t I take it apart?

So I did. It was quite simple, there were a few plastic tabs at the back that needed nudging out, then the back panel slid off. After that, the entire metal casing slid off easily and the drive was exposed. It was that easy, and to my surprise it was just a normal drive. It took a couple of minutes of wiggling to release the drive from the enclosure but I did it and was left with only two components inside the entire enclosure.

The hard drive was the first, this was just a Hitachi 500Gb SATA drive, like any other. The second was the PCB, this was the interesting bit. On one side of the board was a USB and power port (that would be seen and used while the drive was enclosed). On the other was a rigid SATA port. The hard drive just slotted onto the PCB and that was it. As it happens, I’ve now thrown out the drive, as it’s effectively useless and I now either can buy another SATA drive and reassemble the drive, or I have a SATA to USB converter and can just use any SATA drive as a USB disk!

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