EOS Utilities does work with a Canon EOS 400D and Windows 7! 1

Quite a while ago now, I bought a Canon EOS 400D from eBay, one of the things I wanted to do with it was create time-lapse videos of events. In order to do this I needed to use the Canon EOS utilities application supplied on the CD with the camera.

Unfortunately when I first installed the software, it failed to ever recognise my camera and so I couldn’t do any tethered shooting. As it happens, the camera was first sold around 2006 and so at that time, Windows 7 wouldn’t have existed. Basically, the software supplied wasn’t compatible.

For the benefit of everyone else I had a look around the Canon drivers site and found the appropriate software that works on Windows 7. You can either do the same browsing yourself, or click the link below to download the utilities software from my SkyDrive:

EOS Utilities (32Mb – SkyDrive)

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One thought on “EOS Utilities does work with a Canon EOS 400D and Windows 7!

  • Florine Sofka

    Between me and my friend we’ve had more cameras over the years than I can count, including many different Canons, Coolpixes, Samsungs, Nikons and many more brands. But, the last few weeks I’ve settled down to one line of photo cameras. Why? Cuz I was satisfied to discover how well-designed and enjoyable the underappreciated (and widely laughed at) Canon EOS Rebel T2 actually is. With it I have been able to take the most great photos. That’s all I wanted to tell, hope you have a fantastic day and make sure to photograph some cool photos!