PAL video vs SLR stop motion HD video comparison

PAL video vs SLR stop motion HD video comparison from Chris Pomfret on Vimeo.

This video contains a comparison of the video taken by my standard definition (PAL), JVC Everio camcorder against a burst of images captured by my Canon EOS 400D SLR camera.

The EOS 400D isn’t capable of capturing any type of video, however it is capable of capturing a burt of about 200 images at the small photo quality (which is still much higher than the resolution my video camera can capture). I’ve put together a small video of things when I was on holiday, just as a comparison to show what video from an SLR camera looks like.
It’s actually not very easy to tell the difference by looking it as a web video, but if you had the original file, you’d be able to make the SLR videos a lot bigger and see more quality in the image where as the PAL video doesn’t.

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