Get the New IPad 16Gb WiFi, With a Data Plan and Save 64 Pounds

This really is a very quick and easy tip to save yourself £64 on a new iPad. I don’t know about the American pricing, so this is just for those in the UK to take advantage of. It appears that there will be lots of combinations and options for buying an iPad and they all seem expensive if you want the internet. To make it simple, let’s say we want a 16Gb iPad with 1Gb data a month, for 18 months. Going the official Apple way with a PAYG WiFi + 3G iPad, you pay £529 for the device, then 3 (the cheapest mobile operator to offer an iPad data rate) are asking £7.50 a month for 1Gb. £529 + (18months x £7.50) = £664

If you get a WiFi only iPad for £429, then buy a personal WiFi unit (3’s ‘MiFi’ looks the best). This will cost you £9.50 for an 18 month contract with 1Gb a month. £429 + (18months x £9.50) = £600.

There’s a significant difference between the prices, £64 to be precise. Although it’s not massive, I’m sure you wouldn’t turn down £64 if offered to you. You might say that it’s a huge effort to turn on the WiFi Hotspot each time you want to use the internet… but it’s an iPad, not a phone. It’s not the type of device you pull out of your pocket just for 5 seconds – Another 2 seconds to switch the WiFi on won’t matter much.

If you opt for the latter, you’ll also own a personal WiFi hotspot, which can be used with your iPad, mobile phone and laptop, so you’ll never need data plans on any of these devices either! Not that I was ever planning on buying an iPad anyway.

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