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I was having another Sunday-Afternoon relaxation time after exam revision and I found some new software. AnimatorDV (that’s actually free) is amazing video capture software with loads of advanced features. If you want to download it for free, just google animatorDV or click HERE. Its main use is as stop-motion animator software, hence the name. However there’s also a time-lapse feature that I’ll write about in the future (when I’ve had time to create a time-lapse video).

A long time ago, I made a couple of stop motion animations. I used a video camera and LEGO people as models. I had to stop and start the video camera very quickly to capture a frame of video. Unfortunately, because it was a tape-based video camera, this one-frame usually turned out to be 1 second, resulting in horrible choppy video. However, I still enjoyed the results and now there’s a better alternative than what my 10-yearold self had to play with.

My test video had no planning, I simply grabbed the closest objects to me (which happened to be a pot of pens) and I started to move them around in front of the camera. If you look at the picture below, you’ll see that I’m about half way through making my video, and I’m using my new HueHD webcam to capture the lack of action. As well as webcams, the software also has support for taking photos with Digital SLR cameras. This is something that I’m particularly excited about. Even though I don’t own an SLR camera, the thought of making a video with something like 3,888 x 2,592 resolution (about 10 MegaPixels) is almost impossible to comprehend. The quality of the final video would be incredible… remember, High-Def video (such as BluRay) ‘only’ has a resolution of 1920×1080.

Anyone can have a Stop-Motion Animation studio

Anyone can have a Stop-Motion Animation studio

This pen video had 225 frames (resulting in 9 seconds of video) but I got lazy and started to move the pens too much with each shot (that’s why the video’s jerky). As this was only a test, I think this is forgiveable and If I were to ever put more time into making a better animation, I’d be sure to make the subject much more interesting than just pens. I always think the best thing to see is the production (above) and the final product (below), so you can see the progression of the movie. Enjoy… just remember, it’s my first test.

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