Being published in PC PRO – How to save £64 on an iPad 3G

A good day today. It’s the last day of school before half term (But as we’ve got exam leave, it’s effectively the last day of school) and so everyone did nothing in all lessons. A week off and then optional classes for the month where our exams are. Despite them being optional, I think I’ll be going in a few days. That brings be to a related topic… exams. June is the month of my A level exams, of which I have 6. This means I will have to do revision and spend quite a bit more time than usual doing school work. This means I’ll probably have less time for everything else, and as my online activities take up a significant portion of my daily routine, I’ll have to cut back on that for June. In short – I probably won’t be posting on here too often over the next month.

Now, onto the title of this post. A couple of weeks ago I emailed PCPRO with a little tip for how to get cheaper internet on a WIFI iPad instead of opting for the 3G version. As it happens, they emailed me back saying that my letter has been selected as the star letter of the month! Apart from this, the information from my letter has been included in today’s blog post on the PCPRO website. Currently it’s on their homepage, ‘How to save £64 on an iPad 3G’, but in the future the article can be found at the permalink: Here

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