Testing Adobes’ Photoshop CS5, a little sample of Content-Aware Deletion

Adobes’ (I hope that apostrophe’s in the right place) Photoshop CS5 was released at the end of April, yet I’ve only just got round to playing with it. I’m not a professional photographer or anything like that so I can’t justify the full cost of buying it, which I think is something ridiculous like $1,000 for the extended edition. However, Adobe does offer a 30 day trial of the software. It’s quite a big download, 1Gb, but well worth the wait.

I’ve never really used Photoshop before, so I’m currently at the stage of reading/watching online to tutorials, but so far I’m just fixed on the ‘Content-Aware’ fill feature that’s new in CS5. I’ve used it to create the images you see below. They’re not taken with a Good camera, I just used them to show how less than 5 minutes work can really improve nearly any photograph you may have. This only used one feature!



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