HTML5, the webm video format and PlugPlayer video review

There’s quite a lot of topics covered in this post. Firstly, I wanted to share my PlugPlayer review. This is my first review of an iPhone/iPod touch  application. PlugPlayer is a media streamer that allows you to access content from stream from UPnP / DLNA devices, avaliable for £2.99 from the App store.

The second point I’d like to make is that I took the event of my Youtube account being disabled as an opportunity to test the new webm video format. This video is hosted on my website, using the HTML5 video tag. It’s in Googles webm wrapper, encoded with VP8 for video. If you can’t see anything, or just the control bar, then your browser doesn’t support the webm video format. The easiest way to view the file is to, just download a chrome nightly build. See: I hoped to be releasing a series of these App reviews, but there’s already a very good video podcast ‘The daily App review’ that I can’t hope to compete with so I’ll leave my review total at 1. I have been looking into subjects for web shows and may start one of them if I can find an appropriate topic.

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