Installing Ubuntu 10.04 Linux on a memory stick 1

I’ve been back to Kubuntu for an hour before realising it was Ubuntu I liked last time I used linux. I’ve now installed Ubuntu 10.04 to my 8Gb memory card, from which it is now running on my Dell D420. If you’d like to do this yourself, just read on. Although before starting this make sure you have the following:
Computer that allows boot from USB
Memorystick 2Gb + (ideally bigger… 8Gb)

1) Download the Ubuntu ISO
2) Burn the image to a disk or mount it
3) Click to install Ubuntu
– Make sure you select your memorystick as the install location and the application will then install Ubuntu to your memory stick. Once this is done, restart your computer, make sure the memory stick is in the computer and boot the computer from USB. The installation may have altered your boot files so that the computer will have an option to boot USB or Windows (if Windows is your host operating system).

The first time you run Ubuntu, it may need to be configured which may take about 20 minutes but after the initial run, it should boot as quickly. The main component that will effect the performance of the OS is the speed of the memory stick you run it on. I know already that I won’t be sticking to Ubuntu in the long term, but it’s fun to use for a few weeks. Now it’s on my memorystick, I can run it whenever I want without affecting the Windows installation on my hard drive!

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