What are the best mobile websites?

With the popularity of the iPhone, users generally feel that there’s no longer any use for mobile websites, because you can just get the app for it. But I’ve found that when I’m using another platform (windows mobile/android) sometimes there isn’t an app available. In this situation I’ve come to rely on a few websites:

6) Google online suite (http://m.google.com)
Google offers a lot of online services for free on its mobile site. You can access a variety of services such as Docs, News, Mail, Calendar etc. All of these boast a mobile friendly, easy to navigate interface. If you use any of Google’s services on your desktop computer, you’ll be pleased to know everything you could do on your computer, you can also do on your phone.

5) Engadget mobile site (http://mobile.engadget.com)
If you regularly read updates from Engadget, this site is for you. Now Engadget has dedicated apps for the iPhone and Android, I suppose you’ll only be relying on this interface if you have a non-smart phone with a web/WAP browser.

4) TVersity
This will only be useful if you have TVersity media server running on your home network. But if you do, you’ll be able to go to http://:41952/medialib/browse and access all of your content as you would on a PC. Of course the format of the video files you upload will determine what devices they’ll be playable on, but you’ll get used to knowing what you can and can’t watch on your phone.

3) Facebook (http://m.facebook.com)
The interface can be annoying if you’re used to using a Facebook application on your phone, but it’s a lot easier than trying to render the full desktop website on your small phone screen.

2) Paypal (http://m.paypal.com)
I never used to see the point to having a PayPal website, until I started to regularly use PayPal. Now, I find it incredibly useful as I’m able to check my balance anytime I want. This is useful when I’ve sold an item on eBay (for which there is also a mobile site) because I’m able to see what items I’ve been paid for them and post them, without having to start up my computer just to find a postage address.

1) Messenger (http://mim.live.com)

As with all these sites, it’d much easier to use an application, but it’s amazing how well this web-based MSN works, It’s good enough until you can get to a better solution. However the page refreshing to see new messages does get a bit annoying after a while.

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