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On my old website, I posted about two services, TVersity and Orb. Both of these are media distribution applications that can push content to a variety of devices such as your Xbox, iPhone, computer, etc. The original article can be found HERE

The reason I’m posting again is because TVersity has improved and now looks better than ever. Take a look at the screenshots below (the current version) against those on my old post and you’ll really see the difference.

Since writing, I’ve decided that Orb isn’t the right service for me, your media is uploaded to the Orb servers then streamed back each time you want to watch it. This may sound completely pointless… It very nearly is but it does mean your content is already avaliable for viewing over the Internet easily.
Back to TVersity:

The other reason I’m reposting this is because the guys at TVersity are being very generous – You can download the premium version of their software for free, on an unlimited trial. They trust that if you find the application useful, you’ll buy it. Just google it and try it out, I mainly use it so I can watch videos and listen to music through my Xbox 360.

Written on an iPhone… This keyboard is so good it basically types what I want before I even know I want it.

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