Monthly Archives: April 2010

With the popularity of the iPhone, users generally feel that there’s no longer any use for mobile websites, because you can just get the app for it. But I’ve found that when I’m using another platform (windows mobile/android) sometimes there isn’t an app available. In this situation I’ve come to […]

What are the best mobile websites?

This post is a mini-review of the new online documents service ‘Docs’, no not Google Docs. My invitation email for came through yesterday and I only applied for the beta last week! Everyone can visit the site and sign in with your Facebook username. The service that’s being created […] mini-review and why aren’t mesh, myPhone and SkyDrive integrated?

On my SEO post last week, I said that one of the most popular posts on my old blog was one covering older games that are still enjoyable to play. With the latest netbook craze, the subject of low-recquirement games is more relevant than ever. Here, I recommend 5 games that […]

Good Low Requirement games for Netbooks or old computers