2.4Ghz Wireless ‘Nature’ Camera

I got this camera from eBay, I have effectively no planned use for it, I’ve just wanted one for ages because they seem so interesting. As it was only £13, I thought I couldn’t not have it.
The video is good quality as you can see from the photo but it seems to able to see things I can’t. Today, my brother was wearing black trousers and T-Shirt, but looking at the video feed, the trousers were shown as black but the T-Shirt as white!

This picture shows the camera itself. Although it came with a power cord, I ‘adapted’ this so that It would run off a few AA batteries, or one 9v cell. I thought it would be a pointless thing to have if it could only be used 1m away from a socket. The lights you see either side (6 LEDs in total) are InfaRed emitting. These aren’t visible to the human eye, but means the camera can see in complete darkness, ‘Night-Vision’.

This picture shows the receiver block, this is the part that attaches to your TV. One one side is the antenna, whilst the other side has the power, Audio Out and Video Out sockets.

A final photo just to show that actually, the picture quality is quite good, something that surprised me for something so small. This is a photo of a TV, but it’s still representative of the quality (I think). The only odd thing is that the colours are a bit washed out. Otherwise, great.

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