Storage space upgrade

I first registered the domain ‘’ in 2008. This was also when I bought hosting, with a different company. I did this as originally I was intending to host the website myself, but an upload speed from my computer of 40kbs made this a pointless option. As it happens, I got a reasonable deal for 800Mb storage space. At the time, this seemed adequate, but with adding my blog, forum and keeping old pages on the server, this space was filling up. Something that I’ve mentioned in previous posts, It’s why I started using SkyDrive to embed pictures.

Last week I looked back at my hosting providers homepage and found they had increased their storage space. After all two years is a long time in terms of computing capacity. My host provides levels of service: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Then various reseller packages. More space, bandwidth, email addresses etc are provided with each plan. When I first bought the space, I paid for the gold option. Looking back at the options now, the gold package now offers 6Gb of storage… though my space hasn’t been upgraded (the silver plan included 2Gb!). Admitidly the pricing structure has changed and I pay somewhere between the current silver and gold plans.  I’ve since downgraded (at a cost of £2.07) to the silver plan so I now have 2Gb of web space on my site + that through Zumodrive and my own self-hosted website at

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