HTC Touch PRO slowness and self changing battery life

I have an HTC Touch PRO, a fact that I’ve probably mentioned before. After about 4 months of using it, I’m still undecided on if it is a good phone or not. It’s actually fantastic, you can view FaceBook, YouTube, Google maps, even run Android! Yet at the same time it has awful battery life and can be incredibly slow.

I use my phone as an alarm. Unfortunately, because the battery only lasts a day, its left plugged into my computer USB port to charge overnight and then in the morning it wakes me up, I unplug it and cancel the alarm. Within the 30 minutes it’s taken me to get ready, the battery life can have dropped to 90%, which, considering it was doing nothing as far as I could see…. is appalling. Yet yesterday, the charge was at 80%, I watched a half-hour iPlayer program in Core player and the battery was at 78%. How come? Seen as watching video is one of the most CPU intensive applications a phone can run. The battery seems to be random.

The other thing that confuses me is its speed. It has a 500Mhz (ish) Qualcomm processor, which sounds fast for a phone. And it is, I can have myPhone backing up my documents, myPlayer downloading an iPlayer program and I’ll still be able to watch a program full screen in core player. I know multitasking requires a lot of RAM more than anything else, but it still requires a good processor to keep each application running smoothly. So I’m convinced the processor is fast enough for the tasks I require it to do… so why is everything else so slow. Flicking out the keyboard and back (thus rotating the screen) takes a good second and loading the text menu takes 2 seconds. Sure this doesn’t sound like much. Loading outlook on a computer would probably take 5 seconds, but for a phone, the simple built-in applications should be instant. My old Sendo S330 (a company that has since gone bankrupt) was ‘faster’ in this respect than my touch PRO. Even though the processor in that was so slow it wasn’t even written down.

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