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I’ve just looked back at an older post of mine, comparing different ways to host images. Mainly because I was wondering what was up with ZumoDrive’s embed feature. It turns out that since posting, the last embed has stopped working (Server Error 500). This sort of confirms that I better find some other way of inserting images. I originally thought that it was due to some delay between uploading the picture and it being converted and made available by the server. But as pictures that used to work don’t appear, It’s a more serious problem.
I already contacted ZumoDrive about embedded pictures, about a month ago. Because images always appeared huge. Although they had been shrunk some what, they were still way too big to be embedded in any normal sized page. I thought I’d solved this by altering the embed code (height and width) but this just cropped the image, not shrinking it. Below is the picture I was meaning to show in my last post. Only this time it’s hosted with SkyDrive. I should remind you, that the reason I bother with any of this in the first place is because there’s little free space left on my web host. With my normal website, blog, forum, shop etc I don’t want to be filling it with pictures that can be hosted elsewhere.

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One thought on “SkyDrive for pictures

  • Fernando Scheps

    A very nice tool to backup pictures (not for web linking), but to share albums between friends and family and actually have a full backup of them in the cloud, is Picasa from Google. For just USD 20 anual fee you get 80 GB of storage to upload all your albums. Pricing is unvetable 🙂 Hope this comment helps anyone! Thanks!