Pocket surfer internet value

I’ll be away on holiday soon, and although I’ll be doing all manner of holiday related things, I’ll still want to acess the internet from time to time. Let’s review how I might do that:

  • WiFi – My usual method but obviously away from home this won’t be free. However, It will work at airport hotspots and if the hotel has it’s own, but this is usually priced at 4 euros an hour, not good.
  • Mobile Broadband – This is a possibility, It’s what I use while at school or anywhere else I go out. But even in the UK, it’s £15 per Gb and looking on the Vodafone website, It looks like they charge £4.99 for 25Mb! Definately not an option.
  • Datawinds pocketsurfer. I’ll write a bit more on this one:

I had one of these once and found it slow, annoying and genrally pointless, so I sold it. But I recently read that it can be used abroad aswell as in the UK (roaming). The standard cost for the device is as follows. For the first year, you get the internet for free. But this is limited to 20 hours per month, unless you pay £5.99 to get it unlimited. After your initial year is up, I think it costs £29.99 to renew. The internets not nearly as good as mobile 3G… but for the cost I suppose its worth it.

The one problem with the device is the quality of internet it provides. The company compare themselves to WAP internet, and how by comarison their device allows you to access the ‘real internet’. As opposed to useless mobile optimised miniature versions. This is true, you can access bbc.co.uk or amazon or any website, it will just be a bit slow. However websites like youtube or online games are a no go. really, it’s a comparison. You can have proper internet (mobile broadband) but it’s costly, or datawinds internetish (contary to what they might say) but it’s cheaper. And if I had no other option but to use a pocket surfer, It’d be fantasting and I’d love it. It’s just that right now I have a laptop right next to me, so whats the point?

EDIT: And this sort of ruins the whole idea. I’ve just found out that a roaming charge applies to using the device abroad. It costs £14.99 per hour of surfing to use this feature. Ouch.

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