XDANDROID 14.JAN.10 – Install Tutorial for WM Compatible with HTC Blackstone, Diamond, Fuze, Raphael, Rhodium and Topaz 2

Firstly, I did not design any of the software or contribute in anyway to the production of this software. If you want to see where I got my information/download, click HERE. I just think it’s amazing proof of what the WM platform is capable of, so I’m reproducing a tutorial so more people can experience it.

Firstly, I’ll give a link to the download file, as it’s quite big so you might want to start downloading this while you read the rest of this guide:

Download XDANDROID 14.01.10.rar (81Mb)

So, this file uses quite a lot of memory and all files must be placed on the root of the memory card. This, can be quite messy, so you might want to have a memory card just for running android. I’d also advise that the memory card is at least 500Mb as after you run the software for the first time the files will be extracted, taking up over 300Mb of space. If you want more space to install Apps from the Android marketplace, you’ll want a memory stick with spare storage space.

*Disclaimer* at bottom of article. Proceed at your own risk. Once you’ve downloaded XDANDROID 14.01.10.rar, extract it. Make sure there are no existing Android files on the memory stick. Then copy the contents of the archive to the root of your memory card. Then, go into the ‘STARTUP CONFIG IN HERE’ folder and then the folder of your handset (eg. DIAMOND) and copy these start up files to the root of your memory stick. THAT’S IT!

You’re all set and ready to go. On your phone, go to the memory stick and run ‘haret.exe’. This will start Android, be patient. The first time you run this, It may take a while, let it run. On my HTC Touch Pro, it took just under 3 minutes to get to the colourful ‘X’ screen. And a further 3m20s to load the Android ‘desktop’ (6m20s in total). One thing I noticed was that I had to remove my SIM PIN code, as for some reason Android said my PIN was incorrect when I tried to enter it. After removing it however, it was fine. On my second, and subsequent runs however, it took 2 minutes in total to load Android. Considering It takes 2 minutes to boot Windows Mobile 6.1 with SPB Shell, I don’t think it’s that bad. One bit of advice though, even when Android has loaded, I’d give it another minute. Else you’ll get pop ups saying that programs aren’t responding. Like in windows, even though the desktop has loaded, doesn’t mean the computer’s ready. As you might gather from my run times, after the first run ‘haret.exe’ should be a lot quicker. This is because the first time the program will extract loads of files.

Of course, this is still only really a proof of concept. It does work really well, however I wouldn’t like to rely on it. It’s fun, but I’d rather stick to Windows Mobile. Great party trick though… but I suppose it depends on what kind of parties you go to.

*Disclaimer* – I cannot be held responsible for any loss of data, in any form or any damage to your phone in any way whatsoever. This guide is provided to help people run ANDROID, follow it at your own risk. Thanks.

Some time later (probably my next post) I’ll upload a short video of me booting into Android for you all to see. But now, I should sleep

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