PSP Pandora battery + a new Dell laptop

Some days ago I opened a test page for my PSP Custom Firmware tutorial, I’ve now received my hybrid pandora battery to play with and test, which will be sold with the tutorial at some stage (once I get round to writing it). The battery can be switched between powering the PSP and ‘Pandora mode’. Hence being called hybrid, as most pandora batteries won’t do the first function. Here’s a quick video of the battery, and swapping between modes:

My other ‘announcement’ Is that I’ve just acquired a laptop off eBay. The Dell D420, a definate upgrade from my HP nc4010. This laptop isn’t exactly a powerhouse and only cost £175ish but it has its uses. As some point… less than a year away, I intend to get rid of my desktop PC and swap it for a High-End, large form factor desktop replacement. This is great, but won’t be much use for portability, this is where the Dell comes in. With the craze in netbooks taking off, I’ve been incredibly tempted to go out and buy one in the last few months. Unfortunately they all seem to have Atom processors, running at about 1.6Ghz. That’s the clock speed my HP has, albeit a Pentium M. This laptop, costs less than that and has a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor, looks great and hopefully will be all the more usable than a netbook.

Of course I’ve only just bought it, so It won’t arrive for a while, but that’s not the point. Oh. Looks like I better pay for it…

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