JOOAN 703KRA-T HD Outdoor Security Surveillance camera
I recently purchased a JOOAN 703KRA-T HD Outdoor camera. Whilst the hardware is fantastic, it took me a while to connect to the camera due to it having undocumented network configuration. The hardware in this camera is excellent. The image quality is good, even at night. The software and manual […]

How to connect to a JOOAN 703KRA-T HD Outdoor Security ...

This article will guide you through the process of moving your Owncloud storage from your local drive to a NFS share. This is preferable to local storage because the share can be removed and mounted to different hosts, separate to the Owncloud application. It also allows you to easily expand […]

Store all Owncloud files on NFS external storage as primary ...

This article is part of a series I’m writing on using Saltstack. As soon as you’ve setup your Salt master and minion, the next thing you will want to do is configure them. I found lots of resources online about writing states but not much about how to get them on […]

Transfer states to a Saltstack master server using GITFS

A new project I’m working on requires the development of a system capable of managing a minimum of 100 remote probes. These will be RaspberryPi devices. Saltstack was the tool I chose to manage them and below is a list of guides I’ve developed from my time working with Saltstack: […]

What is Saltstack and why did we use it for ...

This article is part of a series I’m writing on using Saltstack. Saltstack uses the master-slave architecture for communication and setting up Saltstack is one of the easiest configurations I’ve ever done. It involves installing the server software on the master and a client on the the slave device, known as […]

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PiWall. A UDP multicast solution for creating a large array of monitors to show a video source. The solution consists of an array of monitors, each connected to a Raspberry Pi. A ‘master’ device (doesn’t have to be a Raspberry Pi) streams content out which the slave units process and use to […]

Creating a 2×2 PiWall Video Wall Display with Raspberry Pis

Before I launch into this, a bit of a background. I had a client who wanted to be able to upload images to their website in galleries, some of which were to have password protection placed on them. That is, those galleries could not be viewed without a password being […]

How to create a password protected gallery in MODx

I’ve recently been working on a project which required an email to be sent to registered users when an article is added. The context of this project is a classified jobs board. Articles are repurposed as job opportunities, when a new article (job) is added, registered users should be notified […]

MODx – Sending an email to registered users when resource ...